Prof. Dr. dipl. Bauing. ETH Eugen Brühwiler

Eugen Brühwiler has been Professor of Building Preservation at the EPF Lausanne, Switzerland, since 1995. His teaching and research include aspects of the so-called “recalculation” of existing structures, in particular the monitoring-based fatigue and structural safety of existing bridges, as well as the use of UHFB (cement-bonded high-performance fiber composite building materials) to improve and save existing bridges and to build new bridges in resource-conserving lightweight design. Eugen Brühwiler is also active as a consulting engineer and expert in bridge construction and for Swiss monument preservation.

Education and professional career

1983: Diploma in Civil Engineering from the ETH Zurich
1984–90: PhD student at the ETH Lausanne (EPFL), doctorate in 1988, and research associate at Colorado University, Boulder, USA
1991–94: Bridge engineer at the Swiss Federal Railways in Zurich: preservation of bridges made of concrete, steel (especially riveted steel bridges) and natural stone masonry
since 1995: Professor for preservation and safety of structures at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)::

  • Activities as teacher, researcher and consultant in the field of existing structures of bridge and building construction.
  • Teaching: Lectures on “existing structures and building preservation “, aspects of “history of civil engineering” and “safety of structures”
  • Research areas: Monitoring of bridges, fatigue and structural safety, UHFB (cementitious ultra-high-performance fiber composite building material) for structural improvement and new construction (UHFB lightweight construction)
  • involved as consulting engineer and expert in numerous bridges and building construction projects
  • Expert and advisor to the Swiss Federal Office of Culture for 20 years on questions of monument preservation of engineering structures (especially bridges) and supporting structures of building construction.

Essays, Contributions and Publications

A current overview of Eugen Brühwiler’s publications can be found on the EPFL Infoscience platform.

Further information can be found on Eugen Brühwiler’s homepage in EPFL’s Online People Directory .

Contact data

Prof. Dr. dipl. Bauing. ETH Eugen Brühwiler

E-Mail: eugen.bruehwiler[at]

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (EPFL)
Fakultät Bau, Architektur und Umwelt (ENAC)
Institut für Bauingenieurwesen (IIC)
Lehrstuhl für Erhaltung und Sicherheit von Bauwerken (MCS)
CH-1015 Lausanne

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