“Sternstunde null”: a film about the “Sternbrücke” in Hamburg-Altona

The Sternbrücke (Star Bridge) in Hamburg-Altona (see “Milestones”) is not only a fascinating example of ultra-modern bridge construction from the 1920s. It is also one of the most prominent railroad bridges in Germany, the replacement or preservation of which has been the subject of intense debate on both sides for years. The conflict exemplifies the enormous social significance of the cultural asset of construction: On site, a strong citizens’ alliance full of strength and imagination fights against the new building design favored by the railroad and the Hamburg Senate. Paul Uhlig’s film, released in August 2021, draws a powerful portrait of the resistance, its motives and lines of argument.

Produktion und Regie: Paul Uhlig | Hamburg | YEAHIMAKEMOVIES 2021.

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“Sternstunde null”: a Film about the “Sternbrücke” in Hamburg-Altona (Youtube-Clip, Length: 44:11 Minutes).

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